For Our Transport Clients

Having grown up in the industry, Carmen Lawson (Director) is well aware of the difficulties facing the transport sector these days.  From reduced profit margins, to managing fuel prices and staffing costs.  The previous chaotic years have been difficult to manage. 

We offer various services to the transport industry including assisting in finance arrangements, costings and budgets and the everyday issues that are facing the transport industry.  Carmen also has a forklift licence if that is of help to her clients!

For Our Primary Production Clients

We have significant experience in the taxation requirements for this industry and extensive technical knowledge in the primary production field.  Farm accounting is a specialist area of accounting with specific legislation relating to various business deductions and planning strategies. 

For Our Construction Clients

Due to the continual construction projects in our region, our current business clientele largely consists of the construction industry.

From Builders, Plumbers, Electricians and Earthmovers we can assist clients with all their business needs including your management systems, pricing and budgets, workplace relations and management reporting.

We also ensure your business satisfies the QBCC legislation and can also assist with finance requirements (outsourced) for your new equipment purchases.

Not Just the Year end Tax Accountant

We continue to strive to provide exceptional client service. By working closely with our clients and not just being the ‘year end’ tax accountant, we believe this relationship ensures that clients are always in their position of choice, and problems can be solved even before they occur.


Planning for the Tax Man

Lawson Accounting provides accurate and beneficial advice, tax planning, and lodgement of various state and federal tax returns. We regularly prepare income tax returns on behalf of partnerships, companies, trusts and self-managed superannuation funds. As well as income tax, Lawson Accounting has considerable experience in dealing with capital gains tax (CGT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), and Pay-roll Tax.

For all our business clients we recommend our annual tax planning services to ensure that you are paying the minimum legal amount of tax possible. This also gives us the opportunity to review areas of your business that may need attention before year end.


Getting to the Bottom of Your Finances

We provide assistance in preparing and presenting financial statements, understanding and analysing the numbers, tracking progress and assisting clients to ‘stay on top of their businesses’. We also provide services in the maintenance of client accounting information systems, and assistance with reports required for regulatory agencies and for meeting contractual credit agreements.


Laying the Groundwork for Your Business

We offer advice on business structures. By presenting simple solutions without complexity, we believe that clients are serviced better and benefit from the asset protection and succession planning issues. Business plans together with business valuations are worked closely with the client to achieve desired outcomes, or to plan for future results.


Securing Your Financial Future

We offer varied advice from Trustee obligations to strategic management to investment analysis. We do not offer investment advice. Our funds audits are outsourced giving the client the maximum benefit in ensuring all funds meet regulatory requirements. We also offer a mail service for clients to ensure all documentation is kept in order and never mismanaged, together with a bookkeeping service if required. We are not in the business of financial planning, we therefore outsource our financial planning to ensure the clients’ financial future is completely secure.



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